Graduate Certificate Program in Sustainability at NMSU

PROPOSAL DRAFT: University-wide GRADUATE CERTIFICATE in Sustainability at NMSU

GREEN MBA – Graduate Certificate Program

Our strategy is to develop a Graduate Certificate Program consisting initially of courses already available in the College of Business, MBA program, with some options in other colleges. It is the first stepping in developing a long-term strategy, a GREEN MBA at NMSU.


The objectives of this program housed in NMSU MBA are:

  1. Understand and be able to effectively communicate the concept of sustainability.
  2. Develop and use an ethical perspective in which they explain how sustainability relates to their lives and values, and how their actions impact issues of sustainability.
  3. Become aware of and explain how economy, society, culture, energy, and the environment are interrelated, making connections between their chosen course of study and sustainability.
  4. Develop technical skills or expertise necessary to implement sustainable solutions.
  5. Explain the ways in which sustainable thinking and decision-making contributes to the process of creating solutions for current and emerging social, environmental, and economic crises.
  6. Apply concepts of sustainability locally (e.g. to change daily habits and consumption patterns) and globally by engaging in the challenges and solutions of sustainability in a world context.
  7. Synthesize understanding of the interconnections among social, cultural, economic, energy, and environmental systems and reason holistically.

See Example of Green MBA, one of our grads from NMSU

Dr. Jacob Massoud

Jacob Massoud, a graduate of Management Department Ph.D. program.

Click for YouTube

This is where Jacob Massoud, a graduate of Management Department Ph.D. program teaches, in the Green MBA at the Dominican University of California.


A 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA in four courses as described below will be required for award of the Sustainability Graduate Certificate Program.

Admission to the NMSU Graduate School is Required

Students must apply and be admitted to NMSU as a graduate student to take classes. For more information, contact:

NMSU Graduate School
Box 30001, MSC 3G
Las Cruces, NM 88003
(505) 646-2736

Graduate Catalog

For Non-NMSU students, to complete the Sustainability Certificate Program, students in available distance education courses must be admitted to the Graduate School as certificate students. If you are considering pursuing a graduate degree at NMSU, you should contact the department you are majoring in, for admissions requirements and advising.

Academic Content of PROPOSED Graduate Certificate in Sustainability
Select 12 credits from the following list of courses:
Choose 9 credits from the A list:

BCIS 502 Business-Information-Systems
Prerequisite: graduate students only
HRTM 450 Special Topics – Summer Study to Costa Rica in English, must have 2.5 gpa Small Leaf for Sustainability-Focused courses
HRTM 492 Special Research in Sustainability Topic Small Leaf for Sustainability-Focused courses
MGT 590 Strategic Management
Prerequisite: M.B.A. student in his or her final semester. Restricted to majors.
MGT 655 Systems Theory
Prerequisites: doctoral status or permission of instructor for masters students.
Small Leaf for Sustainability-Focused courses
MGT 685 Storytelling Consulting Doctoral Seminar
Prerequisites: doctoral status or permission of instructor for masters students.
MGT 690 Independent Study in Sustainability Management Small Leaf for Sustainability-Focused courses
ECDV 671 Sustainable Economic Development
Prerequisites: AEEC 501, AEEC 502 and AEEC 540
Small Leaf for Sustainability-Focused courses
ECON 573 Regulatory Policy and Industry Analysis: Electricity II
Consent of instructor required. Prerequisite(s): ECON 571 or consent of instructor.
HORT/AGRO 515 Crop Physiology Small Leaf for Sustainability-Focused courses

Note: Small Leaf for Sustainability-Focused coursesis for Focused Course; small_leaf_sustainability_related_courses is for Related Course See Definitions Page

Choose 3 credits (usually one course) from the B list: 

ANTH 536 Anthropology of Development Small Leaf for Sustainability-Focused courses
ANTH 538 Plants, Culture, and Sustainable Development Small Leaf for Sustainability-Focused courses
HORT 485 Vegetable Crop Management Small Leaf for Sustainability-Focused courses

Note: Small Leaf for Sustainability-Focused courses is for Focused Course; R is for Related Course; Note: Check prerequisites in Graduate Catalogue for List B. See Definitions Page


Other courses may be substituted by approval of your advisor and the Sustainability program director, or department head, in the Management Department, of College of Business.

Note: All Prerequisites apply

For Example, the prerequisites for ECDV 671 are:

  • AEEC 501 Advanced Microeconomic Theory
  • AEEC 502 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
  • AEEC 540 Econometrics I

When done, Please Complete this Application

A GREEN MBA Program concentration is in line with National Trends

Find A Green MBA Program

Browse Schools:

Browse Locations: Online Schools

California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Washington

Fast Company Magazine did a reprint of Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine just released their first rankings of the top 16 green MBA programs in the U.S.

16 top Green MBA programs in US and Canada:

  1. Babson College F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business has 12 green-themed classes
  2. Bentley University McCallum Graduate School of Business has student volunteer project and paid sustainability research projects to help local companies develop sustainability business plans
  3. Brandeis University International Business School launched the MBA in Socially Responsible Business (Global Green MBA) with classes in business and the environment, managing the triple bottom line, and investing in energy
  4. Claremont Graduate University Drucker School of Business has special topics courses on sustainability and 11 day program in Costa Rica
  5. Clark University Graduate School of Management has dual MBA/MA Environmental Science and Policy program with courses in Green Business Management, Management of Environmental Pollutants and Climate Change, Energy, and Development. The school reduced paper output by 80%
  6. Columbia University Columbia Business School has a Green Curriculum, with courses in Business and Society, Sustainable leadership and ethics (Doing Well by Doing Good), and topics in Finance and Sustainability, Business in Society
  7. Duke University The Fuqua School of Business has a Green Curriculum in a 3-year MBA/Master of Environmental Management joint program, and is placing graduates of the MBA in most sought-after sustainability positions in industry and non-governmental organizations.
  8. New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business has classes in Corporate Branding and Corporate Social Responsibility, Introduction to Environmental and Social Sustainability, and Foundations of Social Entrepreneurship. 60% of the MBA courses integrate sustainability content. The created a cross-functional task force for greeting the school at graduate and undergraduate levels, put in motion sensor-activated lighting and other energy saving technology
  9. Portland State University School of Business put in a sustainability MBA program throughout the curriculum that includes courses in Product Design and Stewardship, Metrics for Sustainability Enterprise, and Social Sustainability.
  10. Stanford University Graduate School of Business has a Green Public Management Certificate in socially responsible business and a joint MS/MBA in Environment and Resources.
  11. University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business has the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise in partnership with School of Natural Resources and Ross School of Business in at 3-year MS/MBA program with courses like Green Development, Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Economics.
  12. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School has an MBA with a concentration in sustainable enterprise, which includes a Sustainability Immersion course as the capstone of their MBA. They offer business consulting in real world sustainability venture experiences, including Sustainable Venture Capital Investment Competition where students with best business plans win seed money.
  13. University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business offers sustainability courses in topics like Greening the Supply Chain, Improving Environmental Accounting, and research on how company annual reports have a rhetoric of sustainability that does not match their actual energy efforts, etc.
  14. University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business has a 2nd year concentration on sustainability with 19 courses to choose from, including a signature overseas Global Business Experiences focus on sustainable companies.
  15. University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business has a Graduate certificate in Business, Environment, and Social Responsibility. It is a 12 credit track.
  16. And in Canada, McGill University Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal, Quebec has a new green curriculum that integrates social, environmental, and ethical issues into MBA education using case studies, and a Global Strategy and Leadership minor focused one sustainability issues.

To this list we can add: Colorado State University that also offers an MBA in Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise. CSU is one of our peer institutions for NMSU strategy measures and outcomes assessment Source

For more information, contact:

Steve Elias or David Boje, Management department