Implementation Plan

IMPLEMENTATION – The Spiral of Success in Sustainability at NMSU

The Matrix is implemented using the method called D-P-I-E (diagnosis, project plan, implementation, and evaluation on measures/metrics of outcomes. The D-P-I-E cycle Savall, Zardet, and Bonnet (2008: 21-24) is fundamental to releasing the untapped potential of enterprises through socioeconomic interventions, including sustainability curriculum development at a university.

In the first D-P-I-E loop, a set of datable activities have been planned to alter diagnosis by leaders in sustainability at NMSU in preparation for the proposal submitted for ‘Greening the Curriculum’ to NMSU Presidents’ Excellence Fund.


NMSU earned its Gold Star rating in Sustainability, Nov 30 2012. ADAC stands for Associate Deans Academic Council. They make decisions on minors and majors at NMSU. The negotiations are in their 2nd ADAC meeting where the topic on 13 Jan 2014 is getting approval for developing STARS audit, putting Green leaf on first 50 courses (most already vetted through the Anthropology Department’s minor in sustainability), and introduction of several University Sustainability Minor Steering Committee Members. OIA in the figure stands for Office of Institutional Analysis (a work order has been submitted and discussions of it start 13 Jan 2014. Since then a Diagnosis by Sustainability Council and sustainability leaders across campus focused on building a three track mirror. Plans for the University-wide Sustainability Minor have been drafted. The President’s Excellence Fund for expanding enrollment awarded the plan $15K, of which $5K is for marketing.

There are 8 datable events taking place in the plan for the 1st D-P-I-E loop. At the end of D-P-I-E Loop #1 there is an evaluation of all activities in that loop in order to learn and grow into the next loop of the spiral.

The purpose of D-P-I-E loop #2 is to build momentum from the 1st loop, learn, and grow the spiral so it draws in more participants, more funding, more visibility within the university, and becomes an identity marker for the entire university resulting in employers seeking out graduates with a Sustainability Minor from NMSU.

2nd DPIE loop example

Next look at the entire First Year plan all four DPIE loops for the Sustainability Minor @ NMSU. In the 4th loop preparations are put in place for an NMSU School of Sustainability. This was an idea suggested in the College of Business Convocation discussion of the Sustainability Minor @ NMSU.

It was suggested that ASU’s School of Sustainability be considered a role model, so the Sustainability Minor @ NMSU can grow into an Interdisciplinary School of Sustainability @ NMSU. ASU has excellent marketing to students and employers and has a university-wide Minor in Sustainability. Their marketing features students at ASU and how they work sustainability into their major. See ASU’s Sustainability Connect. Example of students in courses in the Minor in Sustainability working with Operations: “Undergraduate and Graduate students worked together with ASU staff and local experts to research and propose strategies for transforming ASU’s food waste system.”Map of sustainability minor at NMSU 4 DPIEs

See more of those notes at the end of the history page.


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Please provide any suggestions, innovations, or schedule meetings to discuss Sustainability Minor @ NMSU with coordinator, David Boje Thank you for your support.