Sustainability Council Meeting Mar 13 2013

Please watch and comment on the Sustainability Council’s meeting, at your leisure. We seek input for three task forces:

  1. Climate Change,
  2. Sustainability Technology Center Building design,
  3. Bicycle Friendly University.

Go to Apologies for sound static, which gets taken care of about 10 minutes into meeting. Thank you.

Sustainability Council Meeting was held Wed Mar 13 2013 Milton Hall Room 85, 8:30Am to 9:30AM. The meeting you see on line, starts with introductions of Council Members and Guests, then goes into the agenda.

1. Forming NMSU Climate Action Task Force. Comparing and UNM NMSU Climate Change reports? See slide show at

Gutherie Hall

Photo taken Mar 12th of Gutherie Hall – 2nd floor, window and door with 1/4 inch gap, and no insulation. After repeated work orders, over the years, still the same story.

  • Shows picture of Gutherie Hall where repeated work orders cannot get simple insulation to be installed, and instead other things are done
  • Shows picture of an NMSU dorm, Monangle, where water is not controlled as it could be
  • Biggest classrooms don’t have the few recycling devices; too few to go around
  • Our own lack of structure in Sustainability Council to implement actions

2. Setting priorities. Third task: Expand membership (currently: David Boje, Joni Newcomer, Connie Falk, Emily Kelley, Dixie Richards, ). If you would like to volunteer, please contact David Boje at

  • Top 10 things Students can do to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Top 10 things Departments can do to reduce their carbon footprint

3. Updates from our community colleges and main campus
4. Updates on the Bicycle Friendly University task force update
5. Update on developing outdoor study areas with photovoltaic charging units for laptops and phones. A competition featured in the Round Up Newspaper, with the images, and prizes for student response to online survey to select the three winning drawings.
6. Recycling, and other Initiatives
7. Updates from Updates from each committee (Operations, Education & Research, & Outreach)
8. Upcoming events
Study Centers

  • Ameresco is a company NMSU signed contract for auditing our energy performance “Investment Grade Audit” Joni will explain the wonderful consequences of this contract and the potential energy savings and educational opportunities.
  • “Chasing Ice” movie showing sometime this spring (view trailer at Chasing Ice, will be shown on Friday April 19 at 7 pm in the CMI Theatre in Milton Hall, sponsored by the Honors College, SWEC, OASIS Club, Lois Stanford and me (in anthropology). Admission will be free.
  • Office of Sustainability – Joni needs to form teams to plan Campus Sustainability Day 2013.
  • OASIS – Earth Day is Sunday, April 21.

Please contact David Boje at to send in questions as you watch the online presentation. Thank you for helping us develop our three goals as Sustainability Council.

Here are additional people that will know answers to your special questions about Sustainability at NMSU

 Executive Team of Sustainability Council of NMSU

Name Committee/Title Email
David Boje Chair Sustainability Council
Joni Newcomer Past chair, SC
Rani Alexander Education & Research (E+R) subcommittee, Chair
Rohny Saylors E+R Student co-chair
Steve Self Operations (OP) subcommittee Chair
Suzanne Montes OP Student co-chair
Katrina Miner Planning Administration and Engagement (PAE) Co-chair
Joni Newcomer PAE Co-chair
Melissa Cast PAE Student co-chair
Emily Kelley Secretary of Sustainability Council

Three goals of the Sustainability Council 2012-2013:

  • To establish a Bicycle Friendly University
  • Bring about a Sustainability Technology and Model Residence Center
  • Expand our Recycling Programs at NMSU

Please join us for next meeting is April 10th 8:30AM to 9:30AM in Milton Hall Room 85. Come in person or attend virtually at your leisure.

For more information contact David Boje 575-532-1693