Careers from Taking Sustainability Courses at NMSU


Career Fair – Feb 4-5 2014 at NMSU with companies such as Cummings Inc, Exxon Mobil, General Motors Information Technology, Johnson & Johnson, Raytheon, Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative, XCOR Aerospace, etc.

Green Areas of Opportunity

There are 12 key sectors of the green economy:

  • Agriculture and forestryCareer fair team february 4
  • Energy and carbon capture
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy trading
  • Environmental protection
  • Governmental and regulatory administration
  • Green construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Recycling and waste reduction
  • Renewable energy generation
  • Research, design, and consulting services
  • Transportation

Why Green is your Color: A Woman’s Guide to a Sustainable Career

Green Dream Jobs
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Sustainable business

Inside Sales Manager, Chicago, IL (Full Time)
General Manager, Sierra Foothills of Northern California, CA (Full Time)
Grassroots Field Specialist, Eastern Shore Maryland, Annapolis, MD (Full Time)
Sustainability Manager, Eugene, OR (Full Time)
Head Farmer, Thayne, WY (Full Time)
Director of Sustainability, Worcester, MA (Full Time)
Coastal Ecologist, Columbia, SC (Full Time)
Certification Program Manager
Energy Auditor
Energy Specialist
Recycling & Composting Consultant
Greenhouse and Grounds Coordinator
Sustainability Coordinator

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AND in this PDF: City of Las Cruces is seeking a ‘Sustainability Manager.


  • Coldharbour Sustainable Living Center (CSLC) Executive Director and Lecturer in Environment & Sustainability (ENVS) Western State Colorado University; POSITION:
    Western’s ENVS and Master in Environmental Management (MEM) programs seek a lecturer with a half-time teaching reassignment to serve as the founding CSLC Executive Director. Responsibilities include entrepreneurial development and management of the CSLC vision for a center for environmental education and cold climate sustainable living experiments. Apply here.
  • Falk School of Sustainability; ChathamUNIVERSITY; Woodland Rd. / Pittsburgh, PA 15232; We are searching for a Sustainability Education Coordinator for our Sustainability programs to begin no later than June 1, 2014 (a two-year, grant-funded position). We need someone who will help us develop our educational efforts for K-12 and informal education, especially in relation to our new campus at Eden Hall. We are especially interested in someone who has a strong understanding of sustainability but also is able to develop multimedia materials to communicate about the campus, both to live and virtual visitors. Apply Here.

Environmental Services/Plant Operations Director – easy apply to Strategic Behavioral Health – Santa Teresa, NM

Here is a breakdown of February Career Connections 2013 data:

2013 career conniptions chart of employers2013 career connections chart student participation

Figure 1 – Types of Recruiting Companies at February Career Connections event at NMSU (source)

Figure 2 – 2013 Breakout of students attending February Career Connections (source)

Notice – there are twice as many and then some Engineering as Business students attending. There are about 2300 engineering students, and its hard to say how many business students, since only Student Credit Hour data is publicly available. You can estimate as Engineering generates 17K and Business 22K SCH. Engineering gained 3.3% while Business lost 4.3% SCH 2013 to 2014 (December to February figures).

Why did twice as many Engineering students attend than did Business students? One reason is on day two, College of Engineering partnered with Career Fair, and many of the recruiters were former NMSU Engineering students, here to recruit more of that college’s students.

Internship and Career opportunities on this page

1. For example Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative offers internship programs and loves to recruit sustainability majors and minors. See Career opportunities in Electric Coops

Ron Orozco holds up help wanted sigh

Ron Orozco, Manager of Engineering of Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc.

2. Or, participate in a new summer research internship with the NSF-sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site at University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin. The LAKES (Linking Applied Knowledge in Environmental Sustainability) REU focuses on water quality and phosphorus mitigation in an interdisciplinary manner over an 8 week program (June 15-August 8), with projects in sociology, microbiology, economics, geology, anthropology, mathematics, or communications. Students will be provided with room and board and a generous stipend during their participation in the LAKES program. This program prioritizes under-represented students, pairing them with mentors in individual projects that collectively will contribute to a more complete understanding of the dynamic interactions of our political economy, our social networks, and our ecosystems. The deadline to submit applications for the 2014 summer program is March 1st. Complete program information can be found here:

3. Scott Cessarich (Agricultural Community Development; Coordinator for Take Back the Tap @ NMSU, see photo below) gave me permission to say he had an internship at TCEDC in Taos he through ask for Darrell Berkinweld Home (806) 945 – 2255 Cell (806) 336 – 1713 Send Darryl an Email

Sustainability Careers (estimated numbers of jobs)

Each Department/Unit at NMSU is being asked to provide information on jobs available to students who minor or major in Sustainability.

What follows is a national listing for Careers. Please contact to update this list.

International Careers In Sustainability

NAVCA and environmental sustainability

NAVCA recognizes that all our activities have environmental impacts. Our organization has a responsibility to protect our environment and our actions can make a difference. NAVCA trustees and staff are encouraged to consider the effects of everything we do on the national and global environment.

Reporting on progress

We report annually on achievements and progress in reducing our environmental impact. See the latest report below:

  • Greening NAVCA 2011/12

Policies for a greener NAVCA

Ongoing commitments to greening NAVCA:

North America Careers:

Spotlight on Green: Andrew DeGuire, vice president of strategy and acquisitions at Johnson Controls Inc., a $28 billion company that specializes in energy retrofits for commercial office buildings, which helps businesses shrink their environmental footprint and lower electricity bills.

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3m (77)
aecom (1,548)
aramark (77)
allergan (139)
armstrong world industries (77)
bae systems (101)
bhp billiton (113)
bayer (109)
bechtel corporation (207)
brown and caldwell (170)
ch2m hill (619)
clarke mosquito control (128)
dupont (128)
ecolab (70)
freeport-mcmoran (866)
ihs, inc. (175)
ingersoll rand (74)
jacobs (75)
johnsoncontrols,inc (80)
millercoors (157)
nestle waters north america inc. (134)
newmont (128)
pall corporation (122)
parsons (150)
parsons corporation (547)
sra international (82)
schlumberger (144)
siemens (861)
urs corporation (158)