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Course #TitleFocused or Related to Sustainability
AEEC 575Advanced Water Resource Management and PolicyF
AEEC 580Natural Resources and Environmental PolicyF
AG E 315VWorld Agriculture and Food ProblemsF
AG E 475Water Resource Management and PolicyF
AG_E 445VAgricultural PolicyF
Ag_E/ECON 337VNatural Resource EconomicsF
AG_E/ECON 384VWater Resource EconomicsF
AG_E/FSTE 210VSurvey of Food and Agriculture IssuesF
AG_E/HORT330VOrganic Fall Vegetable ProductionF
AG_E/HORT331VOrganic Spring Vegetable ProductionF
AGRO 250Plant PropagationF
AGRO 303Genetics & SocietyF
AGRO 315Crop PhysiologyF
AGRO 357ClimatologyF
AGRO 365/HORT 365Principles of Crop ProductionF
AGRO 471Plant Mineral NutritionF
AGRO 483Sustainable Crop ProductionF
AGRO 506Plant GeneticsF
AGRO 514Soil-Plant RelationshipsF
AGRO 609Breeding/Plant Disease ResistanceF
ANSC 200Introduction to Meat Animal ProductionF
ANSC 201Introduction to Genetics for Animal ProductionF
ANSC 314Swine ProductionF
ANSC 351VAgricultural Animals of the WorldF
ANSC 370Anatomy and Physiology of Farm AnimalsF
ANSC 402Animal Science SeminarF
ANSC 414Sheep and Wool ProductionF
ANSC 415Horse Science and ManagementF
ANSC 416Beef ProductionF
ANSC 417Dairy ProductionF
ANSC 421Physiology of ReproductionF
ANSC 480Environmental Physiology of Domestic AnimalsF
ANSC 509Endocrinology of Domestic AnimalsF
ANSC 521Advanced Nutritional Management II: Cow Calf/StockerF
ANTH 130VHuman's Place in Nature: Introduction to Biological AnthropologyÂF
ANTH 130VLHuman's Place in Nature LaboratoryÂF
ANTH 360VFood and Culture Around the WorldF
ANTH 361Social Issues in the Rural AmericasF
ANTH 362Environmental AnthropologyF
ANTH 415Applied AnthropologyF
ANTH 472Primate Behavior and EcologyF
ANTH 535Economic AnthropologyF
ANTH 536Anthropology of DevelopmentF
ANTH 538Plants, Culture, and Sustainable DevelopmentF
ANTH 539Culture and FoodwaysF
ANTH 540Cultural Resource Management IF
ANTH 542Cultural Resource Management IIF
ANTH 572Advanced Primate Behavior and EcologyF
AXED 201GEffective Leadership and Communication in Agricultural OrganizationsF
AXED 348Advanced Technology in the Agricultural IndustryF
AXED 400/500The Diffusion and Adoption of Agricultural InnovationsF
AXED 436/536Keys for Agricultural and Rural DevelopmentF
AXED 466VJohn Muir: Lessons in SustainabilityF
AXED 475/575Leadership On Agricultural and Natural Resource IssuesF
AXED 565New Mexico Water IssuesF
AXED 589The Role of Technology Transfer and Social Change in Development SettingsF
BCT 217Building and the EnvironmentF
BCT 217Building and the EnvironmentF
BIOLÂ 101GHuman BiologyF
BIOL 101GLHuman Biology LaboratoryF
BIOL 111GNatural History of LifeF
BIOL 111GLNatural History of Life LaboratoryF
BIOL 301Principles of EcologyF
BIOL 314Plant PhysiologyF
BIOL 381Animal PhysiologyF
BIOL 408Ecology of PlantsF
BIOL 439Animal BehaviorF
BIOL 445HerpetologyF
BIOL 454Biology of RespirationF
BIOL 462Conservation BiologyF
BIOL 473Ecology of MicroorganismsF
BIOL 477Applied and Environmental MicrobiologyF
BIOL 488Principles of Conservation GeneticsF
BIOL 517Seminar in Physiological EcologyF
BIOL 533Environmental Physiology of PlantsF
BIOL 540Science and EthicsF
BIOL 552Landscape EcologyF
BIOL 567Individuals and PopulationsF
BIOL 568Communities and EcosystemsF
BIOL 569Evolutionary EcologyF
BIOL 570Ecological BiogeographyF
BMGTSustainable Real Estate DevelopmentF
BMGT 270Urban Development and RenewalF
C E 356Fundamentals of Environmental EngineeringF
C J 426Race and Environmental JusticeF
CE 355VTechnology and the Global EnvironmentF
CH E 439Environmental ModelingF
CH E 471Health PhysicsF
CHEM 422Environmental ChemistryF
CHEM 472Analytical Methods for Toxic Organics and Metal Ions in the EnvironmentF
COMM 491Environmental CommunicationF
CS 484Computer Networks IF
CS 584Computer Networks IIF
E S 110VÂ Introduction to Environmental ScienceF
E S 301Principles of EcologyF
E S 361Basic ToxicologyF
E S 370Environmental Soil ScienceF
E S 422Environmental ChemistryF
E S 423Environmental ToxicologyF
E S 430Environmental Management Seminar IIF
E S 452GeohydrologyF
E S 460Introduction to Air PollutionF
E S 462Sampling and Analysis of Environmental ContaminantsF
E S 470Environmental Impacts of Land UseF
E T 128Fundamentals of Sustainable ConstructionF
E T 321Environmental Engineering and ScienceF
ECDV 671Sustainable Economic DevelopmentF
ECON 324VDeveloping NationsF
ECON 325VEconomic Development in Latin AmericaF
EDUC 161Project WildF
EDUC 162Project WETF
EDUC 163Project Learning TreeF
ENVE 456Environmental Engineering DesignF
ENVE 487Air Pollution Control Systems DesignF
EPWS 100Introduction to Pest ManagementÂF
EPWS 301Agricultural BiotechnologyF
EPWS 303Economic EntomologyF
EPWS 303Economic EcologyF
EPWS 310Plant PathologyF
EPWS 311/511Weed ScienceF
EPWS 325VHumans, Insects, and the EnvironmentF
EPWS 380VÂEcosystem Earth: The Impact of Human ActivitiesF
EPWS 420Environmental Fate of PesticidesF
EPWS 452Applied Pesticide ToxicologyF
EPWS 455/505ÂAdvanced Insect Pest ManagementF
EPWS 456/506Biological ControlF
EPWS 462ParasitologyF
EPWS 481NematologyF
ES 110GIntroductory Environmental ScienceF
ES 256Environmental ScienceF
ES 256LEnvironmental Science LaboratoryF
ES 330Environmental Management Seminar IF
ES 370Environmental Soil ScienceF
ES 460Introduction to Air PollutionF
ES 462Sampling and Analysis of Environmental ContaminantsF
ES 470Environmental Impacts/Land UseF
ES 477Soil PhysicsF
ES 477LSoil Physics LaboratoryF
ES 652Advanced Soil PhysicsF
ES 655Contaminant TransportF
ET 304Electrical MachinesF
ET 309VManufacturing: History and TechnologyF
ET 365Building UtilitiesF
ET 374Electric Power DistributionF
ET 381ÂRenewable Energy TechnologiesF
ET 382Solar EnergyF
ET 384Wind and Water EnergyF
ET 386Sustainable Design and ConstructionF
ET 396Heat Transfer and ApplicationsF
ET 420Senior Internship (relevant to renewable energy projects)F
ET 435Senior Design and Project Management (relevant to renewable energy projects)F
ET 440/441Senior Design and Senior Project (relevant to renewable energy projects)F
ET/ME 401Heating & Air Conditioning SystemsF
FIRE 120Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water SupplyF
FIRE 202Wildland Fire ControlF
FIRE 210Building Construction for Fire ProtectionF
FIRE 217Operations in the Wildland Urban InterfaceF
FWCE 110Intro to Nat. Res. ManagementF
FWCE 255Principles of Fish and Wildlife MgmtF
FWCE 301Wildlife EcologyF
FWCE 323Rangeland Restoration EcologyF
FWCE 359Adv Studies in Fishery and Wildlife SciencesF
FWCE 360Â Introduction to Wildlife BehaviorF
FWCE 409Population EcologyF
FWCE 430Avian Field EcologyF
FWCE 434Aquatic Contaminants & ToxicologyF
FWCE 437Wildlife Damage ManagementF
FWCE 455Environmental Risks and DecisionsF
FWCE 457Ecological BiometryF
FWCE 458Ecology of Inland WatersF
FWCE 459Aquatic EcologyF
FWCE 463Conservation BiologyF
FWCE 464Mgmt of Aquatic and Terrestrial SystemsF
FWCE 466Advanced Management—MammalsF
FWCE 466Adv Management of MammalsF
FWCE 488Conservation GeneticsF
FWCE 536ÂAdv Avian EcologyF
GEOG 110The Biosphere and the LithosphereF
GEOG 111VGeography of the Natural EnvironmentF
GEOG 112VWorld Regional GeographyF
GEOG 120VCulture and EnvironmentF
GEOG 257Introduction to Weather ScienceF
GEOG 295Introduction to Climate ScienceF
GEOG 315VWorld Agriculture and Food ProblemsF
GEOG 326U.S. National ParksF
GEOG 351Fundamentals of BiogeographyF
GEOG 353GeomorphologyF
GEOG 361VEconomic GeographyF
GEOG 363VCultural GeographyF
GEOG 365VUrban GeographyF
GEOG 452Landscape EcologyF
GEOG 461US Mexico Border DevelopmentF
GEOG 491Southwestern EnvironmentsF
GEOL 111VSurvey of GeologyF
GEOL 212VThe Dynamic EarthF
GEOL 305VFossils and the Evolution of LifeF
GEOL 315VThe Geology of National ParksF
GEOL 335VGeologic HazardsF
GEOL 335VEarthquakes, Volcanos, Hurricanes and Floods: The Role of Natural Hazards in Civilizations Past and PresentF
GEOL 476Marine PaleoecologyF
GOVT 324Environmental PolicyF
GOVT 383Contemporary Political TheoryF
GOVT 411Service Learning ExperienceF
GOVT 469/569GlobalizationF
GOVT 537Environmental PolicyF
HIST 401Environmental HistoryF
HIST 429Plague, Plunder, and Preservation: American EnvironmentalF
HIST 483Historic PreservationF
HIST 508Environmental HistoryF
HL S 305VGlobal Environmental Health IssuesF
HL S 452Environmental HealthF
HL S 454Environmental EpidemiologyF
HL S 461Health Disparities: Determinants and InterventionsF
HON 205VLife, Energy, and EvolutionF
HON 219VEarth, Time, and LifeF
HON 305VGlobal EnvironmentF
HON 306VScience, Ethics, and SocietyF
HON 320VFood and Humanity: World in CrisisF
HON 321VAgriculture in an Urban WorldF
HON 378VTechnology and PolicyF
HON 430VOASIS: Managing a Community Supported FarmF
HON 450VSundt SeminarF
HORT 301Introduction to Landscape HorticultureF
HORT 302Forestry and SocietyF
HORT 307Landscape DesignF
HORT 308Landscape ConstructionF
HORT 315/515Crop PhysiologyF
HORT 330Organic Fall Vegetable ProductionF
HORT 331Organic Spring Vegetable ProductionF
HORT 465Landscape Construction and MaintenanceF
HORT 485Vegetable Crop ManagementF
HORT 488Greenhouse ManagementF
HORT 533Environmental Physiology of PlantsF
HORT 685Plant Genetic EngineeringF
HORT/RGSC 302VForestry and SocietyF
HRTM 430Hospitality Facilities ManagementF
I E R77Ergonomics in Manufacturing SystemsF
M E 481Alternative and Renewable EnergyF
MGT 375VGlobal Environmental Assessment and ManagementF
MGT 448/MGT 548/ BA 448Small Business ConsultingF
MGT 685Storytelling Consulting Doctoral SeminarF
MGT 605Systems TheoryF
MGT 465Contemporary Issues in Human Resource ManagementF
MGT 458International ManagementF
MGT 490Independent Study in Sustainability ManagementF
MGT 690Independent Study in Sustainability ManagementF
MGT 449Strategic ManagementF
MGT 590Strategic ManagementF
MKTG 489Strategic Marketing DecisionmakingF
MSW 511Human Behavior in the Social EnvironmentF
MSW 523Advanced Social Work Practice with Organizations and CommunitiesF
OETS 101Energy for the Next GenerationF
PHIL 322Environmental EthicsF
PHYS 110VThe Great Ideas of PhysicsF
PHYS 303VEnergy and Society in the New MilenniumF
PHYS 454ÂIntermediate Modern Physics IF
PHYS 455Intermediate Modern Physics IIF
PHYS 480ThermodynamicsF
PHYS 489Modern MaterialsF
PHYS 490Nuclei and Elementary ParticlesF
PLAN 275Environment/Water ManagementF
RGSC 294Rangeland Resource ManagementF
SOC 362Urban Society in a Global World: Problems Prospects and PromisesF
SOC 369The Challenge of Sustainable DevelopmentF
SOC 465VEnvironmental SociologyF
SOC 565Environmental SociologyF
SOIL 252/252LSoilsF
SOIL 312LSoil Management & Fertility LaboratoryF
SOIL 370Environmental Soil ScienceF
SOIL 424Soil ChemistryF
SOIL 456Irrigation and DrainageF
SOIL 479Environmental Soil ChemistryF
WERC 200Introduction to Environmental FundamentalsF
WERC 300Introduction to Pollution Prevention and its ApplicationF
WERC 312Emergency Response to Hazardous Material IncidentsF
WERC 330Environmental Management Seminar IF
WERC 350Introduction to Energy, Environment, and Risk AssessmentF
WERC 381Renewable Energy TechnologiesF
WERC 382Solar Energy TechnologiesF
WERC 384Wind and Water TechnologiesF
WERC 386Sustainable Construction and Green Building DesignF
WERC 430Environmental Management Seminar IIF
WERC 466Fuel Cell and Hydrogen TechnologyF
WERC 471Health PhysicsF
WERC 473Nuclear Regulations and Compliance PracticesF
SOIL 477LSoil Physics LaboratoryF
AGRO 100GIntroduction to Plant ScienceR
AGRO 377/HORT 377Introduction to TurfgrassR
AGRO 462/HORT 462Plant BreedingR
ANTH 120VHuman AncestorsR
ANTH 125VIntroduction to World CulturesR
ANTH 201VIntroduction to AnthropologyR
ANTH 301Cultural AnthropologyR
ANTH 306VPeoples of Latin AmericaR
ANTH 313Ancient MexicoR
ANTH 315Introduction to ArchaeologyR
ANTH 355Physical AnthropologyR
ANTH 357VMedical AnthropologyR
ANTH 404Cultures of AfricaR
ANTH 431Nutritional AnthropologyR
ANTH 434Human EvolutionR
ANTH 434LÂHuman Evolution LaboratoryR
ANTH 459/HIST 459Peru: From Incas to Inca KolaR
ANTH 467Archaeology of the American SouthwestR
ANTH 577Faunal AnalysisR
BIOL 110GContemporary Problems in BiologyR
BIOL 447OrnithologyR
BIOL 465Invertebrate ZoologyR
BIOL 470Developmental BiologyR
BLAW 316Legal Environment of BusinessR
BMGT 280Introduction to International Business ManagementR
C E 141Mathematics and Hydraulic EngineeringR
C E 485Design of Earth DamsR
C_EP 110GHuman Growth and BehaviorR
CH E 361Engineering MaterialsR
CH E 436Environmental Process Design IR
CH E 437Environmental Process Design IIR
CH E 474Power Plant DesignR
CHEM 110VPrinciples and Applications of ChemistryR
CHSS 110Overview of Health and Community ServicesR
COMM 253VPublic SpeakingR
E S 312Â Emergency Response to Hazardous Material IncidentsR
E T 115Introduction to Environmental TechnologyR
E T 255Applied Industrial Hygiene and SafetyR
ECED 125Health Safety and NutritionR
ECON 350Current Economic IssuesR
ECON 432VEconomics of Health CareR
ENGL 111ÂRhetoric and CompositionR
ENGL 462/562Interdisciplinary, Client-Based Project PracticumR
EPWS 373Fungal BiologyR
EPWS 435Aquatic and Immature InsectsR
ET 360VTechnology in Business and SocietyR
FIRE 112Principles of Emergency ServicesR
FIRE 115Hazardous Materials ResponderR
FIRE 126Fire PreventionR
FIRE 127Rescue OperationsR
FIRE 205Fire ChemistryR
FIRE 216Hazardous Materials ChemistryR
FIRE 252Vehicle ExtricationR
FSTE 164GIntroduction to Food Science TechnologyR
FWCE 432Environmental Biology of FishesR
GEOG 259Introduction to OceanographyR
GEOG 325VNew Mexico and the American WestR
GEOG 328VGeography of Latin AmericaR
GEOG 331VEuropeR
GEOG 340VPlanet EarthR
GEOG 373Introduction to Remote SensingR
GEOG 381Cartography and GISR
GEOG 382Aerial Photo InterpretationR
GEOG 467Transportation GeographyR
GEOG 481Fundamentals of Geographic Information SystemsR
GEOG 482Geodatabase DesignR
GEOG 483Field Explorations in GeographyR
GEOG 487GIS and CapstoneR
GEOG 492GIS Applications and ModelingR
GERO 456Biological Aspects of AgingR
GOVT 150GAmerican Political IssuesR
GOVT 160GInternational Political IssuesR
GOVT 396/596International LawR
GOVT 399New Mexico LawR
GOVT380VContemporary World Political IdeologiesR
HIST 303VHistory of TechnologyR
HIST 313/415Making the American WestR
HIST 344Colonial AmericaR
HL S 464VCross-Cultural Aspects of HealthR
HLS 150VPersonal Health and WellnessR
HON 225VHistory of EthicsR
HON 233VSocial ProblemsR
HON 235VThe World of AnthropologyR
HON 237VArchaeology: Search for the PastR
HON 248VThe Citizen and the State: Great Political IssuesR
HON 301VMass Media and SocietyR
HON 308VInto the Final FrontierR
HON 322VScience and Public PolicyR
HON 330VPlanetary ExplorationR
HON 335VLegal Issues in Modern SocietyR
HON 346VPerspectives on ViolenceR
HON 347VThe European City: History and Culture R
HON 360VWorking in TeamsR
HON 363Indigenous WaysR
HON 380VComparative Economic SystemsR
HON 384VEthical Decisions in OrganizationsR
HORT 100Introduction to Plant ScienceR
HORT 100LIntroduction to Plant Science LaboratoryR
HORT 110Sport Turf ManagementR
HORT 205Introduction to HorticultureR
HORT 210Ornamental Plants IR
HORT 211Ornamental Plants IIR
HORT 250Plant PropagationR
HORT 378Turfgrass ScienceR
HORT 471Plant Mineral NutritionR
HORT 479Advanced Turfgrass ScienceR
HORT 484Ornamental Plant Production & ManagementR
HORT100VIntroductory Plant ScienceR
HRTM 201Introduction to TourismR
JOUR 105VMedia and SocietyR
JOUR 377VMass Media EthicsR
MGT 388VLeadership and SocietyR
MKTG 311VConsumer BehaviorR
OEEM 214EMT-Paramedic: Medical Environmental Emergencies IIR
PE P 363Theory and Techinique of Lifelong Outdoor Leisure ActivitiesR
PHIL 100GPhilosophy Law and EthicsR
PHIL 323VEngineering EthicsR
PHYS 211VGeneral Physics IR
PHYS 211VLGeneral Physics I LaboratoryR
PHYS 212GGeneral Physics IIR
PHYS 212GLGeneral Physics II LaboratoryR
PHYS 213MechanicsR
PHYS 213LExperimental MechanicsR
PHYS 214Electricity and MagnetismR
PHYS 214LElectricity and Magnetism LaboratoryR
PHYS 215VEngineering Physics IR
PHYS 215VLEngineering Physics I LaboratoryR
PHYS 216VEngineering Physics IIR
PHYS 216VLEngineering Physics II LaboratoryR
PHYS 217Heat, Light, and SoundR
PHYS 217LExperimental Heat, Light, and SoundR
PHYS 221GGeneral Physics for Life Sciences IR
PHYS 221GGeneral Physics for Life Sciences IR
PHYS 222GGeneral Physics for Life Sciences IIR
PHYS 305VThe Search for Water in the Solar SystemR
PHYS 315Modern PhysicsR
PHYS 315LExperimental Modern PhysicsR
PHYS 461Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism IR
PHYS 462Intermediate Electricity and Magnetism IIR
PHYS 584Statistical PhysicsR
PHYS222GGeneral Physics for Life Sciences IIR
PSY 201Introduction to PsychologyR
PSY 374Psychopharmacology and ToxicologyR
SOC 201Contemporary Social ProblemsR
SOC 360VIntroduction to Population StudiesR
SOC 366Society and TechnologyR
SOC 430Social Movement TheoryR
SOC 479Sociology Perspectives on the US Mexico BorderR
SOIL 312Soil Management and FertilityR
SOIL 472Soil Morphology/ClassificationR
SOIL 476/476LSoil MicrobiologyR
SOIL 477Soil PhysicsR
SOIL 551Advanced Soil ChemistryR
SOIL 630Advanced Soil ClassificationR
SOIL 652Advanced Soil PhysicsR
SP M451Adv Exercise PhysiologyR
SUR 452Land Development DesignR

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